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(NOTE: please don't credit me for the making of video or reversion of it here are links )

One day I was reading forums on wow's website and found this it got a kick out of me and hopefully you!

Now here is the remake,

Hello non-male bloodelfes. Look at your hair. Now back to mine. Now back at your hair. Now back to mine.

Sadly it's not like mine. But if you rerolled a bloodelf with ridiculously good looking hair it could be as good looking as mine.

Look down at your post, now back up. What are you doing? You're at your computer about to make a post with a toon that has terrible hair.

What are you doing? Back at me. Look at the screen. You've rerolled bloodelfe. You now have fabulous hair that you're going to love.

Look again. Your hair is now diamonds. Anything is possible when you're a bloodelfe and not anything else.

I'm on a chicken.

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Buy the new expansion today so you can go on my tour in high quality!


In this tour right away you'll dive into the unimaginable history of Stormwind.From the mysterious object in the north west, all the way over to the gnome made tram, and all in between you'll never have to imagine why the remarkable engineering and architecture is there again.All you have to do for this remarkable tour is catch the advertisements on the server antonidas , bring 20silver, enjoy the fascinating lore I have to offer, and don't forget to tell your friends.


I would like to know what other places in Azeroth would you like me to tour.


In the initial tour, Ruins of Lordaeron, you'll take a step threw the history of the once human city of Lordaeron, discover the little known mysteries, like the cause of the shattering of the city,and other unexplained secrets yet to be reviled. Tours are available whenever you see advertisements from the character named Dedtourguide. Furthermore, the price is 20 silver at the entrance,unfortunately, right now the only server the tour is on at this time is antonidas, although planing to have it on more servers in the future. Be sure to stop by on  Ruins of Lordaeron tour on server antonidas, and make sure to tell your friends about this unforgettable experience.


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